Pre-Clinical Services

Invitro Services

In vitro ADME assays are an important part of a successful drug development program aiding in the critical decision-making process by offering metabolic information about drug-drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, absorption and potential toxicities. Our wide range of automated in vitro assays can be performed under GLP conditions, if required, yielding information in the areas of metabolism, toxicity and physicochemical characteristics.

Solubility & Physicochemical Characterization

LogP & LogD


PAMPA, MDCK & Caco -2:A-B and B-A direction & MDCK - MDR1-A-B and B-A direction

Metabolite Characterization

Metabolite Characterization

Plasma Protein Binding (Rapid equilibrium dialysis method

Mice, Rat, Dog and Human


Plasma Stability, Simulated Gastric / Intestinal Stability & Liver Microsomal Stability (Mice, Rat, Dog and Human

Isozyme Characterization

Isozyme Characterization

In vitro drug-Drug Interaction

Cytochrome P450 Inhiblition Assays, Time Dependent Inactivation Assays, Recombinant CYP P450 / Pooled Human Liver Microsomes, Fluorescent Based Assays, Probe Substrate Assays

In vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Studies